Thursday, April 14, 2005

No. 47

Mark is the DJ his selection is Martha & the Muffins: Echo Beach

Mark is a hero, and a nostalgia enthusiast he made a response so our roads crossed, As a song to listen too whilst watching a fake sunset Mark chose Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins as his song of romantic significance. Mark is a writer and an authority in rhetoric. We asked him to choose a ritual from a list of 80 alternatives we had written ( see more about what we mean with ritual on our web page). He chose one for good weather and one for bad.

No. 47: Sign a variety of fruits in your name whilst smiling extensively- think of Esther Williams

Here are three questions and three answers for the road:
Gilbert: What is Lone Ranging Romance?

Mark:Its not aimless wandering but it is being able to take the next third turn on the right because you feel like it and see where the road goes. I think you can pick things up that may not necessarily be directed towards something, you can take directions from people you meet and stuff you read even if that wasn’t the direction of the meeting.

Gilbert:There are News reporters made to look like they are on location when they are not, and complete segments in TV shows can be created this way to make it look like the segment was filmed on location when, in fact, no one left Los Angeles!
We repeat no one ever left los angeles
Does this worry you?

Mark:I don’t think its about whether its fake or not – I don’t think its about that. Its like when James Stuart and Kim Novak are driving in a car and they are not really driving its just a backdrop its not pretending to be real.

Gilbert: Do you think we can have nostalgia for the future?

Mark:I think we have. I think we have nostalgia for the future like the 1950s sci-fi future flying cars and silver suits that was meant to have happened now. So there is that kind of nostalgia for a future we don’t believe in anymore. I think it can be useful to look at, to pinpoint the things you are being nostalgic for and then try to see whether some of them are useful or practical or whether they are only – whether it is only a negative this longing for something which is ineveitably lost.

Nostalgia is often thought of as passive and the ways of thinking of it as active and productive are not trying to construct something that’s lost, but retieveing something that’s useable that can go forward rather than only being about the past.

Dr. Mark Leahy has written a paper on the topic of: Form in Contemporary Poetry and has also just passed his driving test.

Interview Conditions:
Location:Café, Latitude: 50.42 North, Body temperature 38c, Weather:Sun with a low breeze