Thursday, May 12, 2005

No. 17

G.U.N ladies are the DJ`s:They select Hildringstimen sung by Erik Bye.
Hildringstimen is a song they both hum without knowing the reference for doing so.

Hanne and Camilla are heroes and ritual enthusiast, we invited them to Tou Scene so our roads crossed. We asked them to choose a ritual from a list of 80 alternatives we had written.

No. 17: Wear plastic gloves whilst building a matchstick fountain, think of Esther Williams

An extract of a conversation for the road:
What is a ritual?

A correspondance to the way we live, it is interesting to think about how rituals historically and socially change, this signefies what a ritual is, the time we live in. As for contemporary rituals I belive they are in danger of replacing pure actions in terms of commodity. Shopping and commercialism replace significant motivs, individual needs erased by public demand for materialism

reading Deleuze at the time, he is talking about deterritorialization in relation to this, the life of any culture is always both collapsing and being restructured. Restructured as in order to gain ground that is solid for individual means, creating new rituals perhaps?

In relation to religion ritual is a loaded word but the action is pure, I am interested in how we can create rituals, which regardless to a spesific religion indulges meaning because of simply executing an action. Spending time focusing on this one thing till you`v crossed the limit of bordom, so that the action can inform rather then just being executed.

Funural rituals is perhaps one of the remaining acts which regardless religon or culture; we all have in common and still take part in? Also ritual in terms of feminism interests me, playing the role already given by looks/asppearance but use it to negotiate ways of empowering a change, by wearing costumes which are loaded of prejudice then bending prejudice by doing an action in contrast, wearing plastic gloves not washing up, building a matchstick fountain

Hanne:he he whilst thinking of Esther Williams


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