Thursday, August 11, 2005

No. 31

Live Reportage-Singapore. KC is the Dj this month he chooses Happy Together by the Turtles

KC Hoo made a response via email and so our roads crossed. He was doing a performance and inviting people to a
  • web-party
  • on Singapore's National Day - August 9th. He wanted to perform one of our rituals and so we sent him this:

    No. 31:Make a diving platform from matchsitcks launch it in a pot of boiling water try to keep it floating think of Esther Williams.


    KC:I read it when the party started and there were no matches in the house. I went out to the neighboring convenience stores and none sold matches, only lighters! They must really be a relic, historythese days. You cant get matchsticks anymore

    KC: National Day can be said to be nostalgia par excellence for Singaporeans because the stories of the country's founding and our core values are reiterated annually on this day by a giant spectacle of F-16 fly pasts, mass displays, marching, laser shows, parachuting stunts and of course, fireworks! This year's even more significant because it's our 40th birthday and it'll be held on The Padang, the site of the first National Day way back in 1965. And as always, the nation's celebrations will be webcasted live as it has been since 2001. To know more, please visit STEAM!BOAT is a party taking place with the Internet on National Day. A real-life steamboat (a Chinese dish akin to Korean BBQ/Japanese teppanyaki) party will occur and relayed to the Internet via live chatroom, webcam and the website. This is in response to the burgeoning development in Internet bandwidth, wireless technologies and the means of social interaction on the Internet.

    However not many people joined the web-party, one of the guests was this guy who webcammed with us, the experience was more alienating then border communicating really. We were watching him sitting in his flat somewhere, dimly lit and in singlet (ala webcam porn)

    G there are difficult questions on framing and settings, at one side you are opening up for a discussion to anyone who has internet access and lessening the subjective control of where your work is viewed but on that other side it can be difficult to separate what is public and what is private.

    As Teresa de Lauretis (1987, 25) has put it: "that 'elsewhere' is not some mythic distant past or some utopian future history: it is an elsewhere of discourse here and now, the blind spots, or the space-off, of its representation."

    G: Thankyou KC for joining in this ritual reportage and for searching for the matches.

    What GilbertandGrape are reading on connectivity, embodiment and the instant aesthetic of news.

    Connections, both inside and outside of our bodies, involve growth, existence and functionality on the one hand whilst simultaneously impacting on the production of subjectivity on the other. Mapping bodies, movement and systems of exchange foregrounds the centrality of connection to human life. Connection is about people and meanings. Identifying the inseparable flows and networks of both developing technologies and developing selves can help to productively explore the meanings and importance of connection and connectivity. Extract 'I Connect Therefore I Am: Connectivity and Networking in Bodies, Technologies, Communities, and Selves 'Anthony Lambert
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  • CNN has begun an experiment that uses iChat AV to conduct face-to-face interviews. A new US show hosted by Wolf Blitzer,
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  • aims to mix traditional reporting with new online technologies.