Thursday, September 08, 2005


Maddy is the DJ, her song of nostalgia is:
Back of my the Jags
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Ritual no.28: Sit on a dustbin, try to light a fire of a banana-Think of Esther Williams

GilbertandGrape have currently been discussing the media’s way of portraying fear and hysteria. Here is some thoughts on the topic set in gender/perspective by a French theorist. We give this to Maddy 01.00 in the morning:

”In speculum of the other woman Irigaray embraced hysteria not as a malady but as another way of thinking that the West had systematically suppressed, though in a manner that carried the traces of hysteria's irrationality within itself. The semiotic is effaced in the symbolic, although its traces can be detected in the very place of its repression.” Luce Irigaray

Gilbert: we question whether media are adopting binary repressions and stereotypical presentations of topics as fear and hysteria.

Gilbert: The conglomerate media re-appropriating hysteria as an active role – within its own power structures.

Maddy: I'm also interested in the hysteria for the banal. Today bbc radio one are looking for a new controller. If I was controller of bbc radio one I would stop them from playing james blunt who used to be in the army, falls in love willy nilly and looks slightly insincere. I would also stop them from talking over records that you are trying to listen to. It is mean of bbc radio one to try and steal Terry Wogans listeners from radio two becasue Terry Wogan has two million more listeners than chris moyles. I think they should leave Terry Wogan alone or bring him over to Radio One because he has a lovely comfy voice that makes you think everything is OK.

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