Friday, October 14, 2005

No. 3

Clare is the DJ she chose Woody Guthrie.

No:3 Keep apologising whilst swinging from a tree think of Esther Williams

CT: mission impossible - try to assert your
uniqueness‚ through a uniform... demonstrate your individuality
through your H&M sweater and Diesel Jeans, IKEA
interiors, the contents of your fridge..."oh so
original" the words i sewed across the ass of my pants
for an exhibition I took part in called 'Try this on
for size'. Tongue-on-cheek?!...

If you are able to buy into 'exclusivity' what do you
actually get at the end of the day? The worlds biggest
pair of shoulder pads? ....It's Dynasty all over

G: I was reading an interview with Susan Sontag today
I was interested by her anti-postmodernism stance a
stance against everything being equivalent. Capitalist ideology seems obsessed with this smoothing
over of 'taste'. It presents itself as having so many
possibilities (many different types of shoulder
pads!), new rituals yet at the same time still
demanding categorization. By presupposing this
ideology there is a chance to play - to revel in the
margins. There is somewhere to speak from. - I kind of
understand your pop band as that..

CT: I am member of the artist group Mr Helium & the
Holy Gliders‚. We are interested in authenticity and
questions around taste‚.
Who has talent, what is good taste or indeed who shall
tell us what is good taste? There is a liberating
quality of 'childish' fantasy over the adult (that is
to say the mainstream critical) obsession with
classification and quality-control.

Mr Helium & the Holy Gliders - our live art band - got
its name from the first song we recorded "Ahejujha".
Ahejujha attacks religious bigotry and 'from the
margins‚ offers a new space for freedom
(sexual, spiritual, creative...).

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