Thursday, December 08, 2005

No. 56

GilbertandGrape are the Dj´s and choose the song My Darlin Companion by Johnny Cash

Ritual No. 56 Make a map of waffles, spread it with brown cheese and walk the map carrying a 20 kilos stuffed moose head.

In this edition of live reportage Gilberts choose to join our actionists by doing a ritual ourselves and make a little sum up of this years events. So far 10 participants have contributed to this blog project. We want to thank all of you for making actions, making statements selecting your nostalgic songs and taking time to watch the sunset with us. We hope the rituals may contribute to reverse and enrich perspectives on the daily actions and perhaps make us question how we might like to change alter or insist on them.

The project have been of inspiration too us in means of keeping in touch with discussions and people aside of geographical location and this theme has been central for us this year .

One gilbert in England and one Grape in Norway. Living in geographically separated locations has been included as a theme inour work. A piece we would like to show you next year is called ”missing you mostly” (premiered in Southampton this winter) in this piece we try to create a concrete space despite being physically apart creating a sense of physical relation.

This year the Gilberts launched the first chapter of performance ”The Lone Ranging Romance”(extracts of this project on the other blog) This is yet another project that have equipped us with experience in making relational work. People we have met have been generous and willing to discuss and part take in the themes we are concerned with.

The road is tempting and now there are two volvo amazons with gilberts in them, one here, one there we hope to meet you soon. Next year already have some lines and prospects tempting us to go on making statements. So please stay in touch!

If you would like to participate in this blog-work, then send us a mail and we will give you a ritual to perform.
Love and scandal GilbertandGrape.

“the idea that is better to orient yourself in relation to what already exists, rather than start from scratch. The question asked is less, "how to we rebuild" then "are we trying to inhabit these places differently?" From there, relations can be tied together between an audience and a body of work, between a public and a project. This new 'space' only needs the mediation of a sign, an object or an image. (...) There needs to be negotiations. Many of today's problems come from there not being a space for that - which in my eyes is the foundation of democracy. Art is enthralling insofar as it is an object of negotiation.”

"Islets" and Utopia... by Nicolas Bourriaud