Thursday, January 12, 2006

Leif is the DJ and his song of nostalgia is by The kinks ”milk cow blues”

Ritual Nr 6: Sit in a half lit room wear dark glasses and tear up a pillow of feathers- think of Esther Williams.

Gilbert: What texts have you been reading lately ?

Leif: I had a long walk today. Went to a junk-market. Bought a book about the red army fraction, it is an interesting theme. I do not approve of the violence and the acts of terror used to express frustration against the system. still they had an idealistic idea of change and i catch myself having romantic associations to that. if you feel like reading more here is a link:
It's not a fascination for RAF itself - it's the history. In the light of German country s history i feel so much importance to history. RAF were the first to utter an opposite to conservative establishment.


Gilbert: reading the link you sent I am tempted to repeat an evergreen question asked in this text: ”How are we to respond to western imperialism in a time where capitalism has weakened the force of conflicts on a national level?”

Leif: response is the second step. first step is to feel the personal
confrontation to that. it is about how you put your nose out there and
look for what is actually meant by that. question yourself: Am i
influenced in my way of acting by forces that i experience to be normal/ordain because i'm not used to anything else? For me I have to answer shit, i am! sure i am. it's me who just bought a new cd, a new pair of shoes, a new shaving water. it's me who decided to take the more expensive fruits just because they look nicer. it's me consuming. what can i do better? where do i find the monster called imperialism? Sometimes I resign to thinking that all I can do is being critical

Gilbert: Can being critical becoming more then passive acceptance though?
what are the ways around this? What type of poetic exchange and creative cultural activity provides an alternative to the values of production that you feel alienated by?

Grape: I believe our everyday actions carry a huge potential and may propose a level of ambition and even directly respond to these questions. An example is people who are exploring ideas of a symbolic exchange- Feral Trade is a public experiment in trading goods along social networks - an experiment in new international trade relations.
Feral Trade

To be continued….