Thursday, February 09, 2006

No. 4

Alexia is the DJ she chooses Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears.

Ritual No.4 Wear tights and tear them off whilst submerged in a bath of bubbles think of Esther Williams

Gilbert: we ask people to film their films in one shot, no editing. Do you have any thoughts on this on how it affected what you filmed etc

Alexia: Filming in one shot makes you enjoy the action more- you have the possibility to be present in it –to complete the action without stopping and starting for the are not doing the action for the camera, the sense of live is enhanced somehow.

Gilbert: do you think that editing decisions are being made regardless of physical cuts though, choices already made/taken.

Alexia: I see those choices and decisions as performance choices, directional choices rather than editorial choices. For me there is a difference between these choices and the art of afterwards, the edited montage. I see this type of edit (the montage) as a secret/private part of the process. Something which the reader will find difficult to co- author – there are pieces left out, hidden which the reader will not have opportunity to embrace, things we will never get to use

Gilbert: I see editing as all always taking place, between the viewer/reader/writer. I have recently been reading an interesting article by Bruce Andrews. He brings up interesting questions about the online reading environment in relation to Editing, raw material and active roles. If editing is a dimension of reading; if reading constructs.... Can the electronic process of writing offer us an active enough editing, involving us β€” but with some critical distance β€” in the aberrant, nonnarrative wanderings of textual sense?

Electronic Poetics by Bruce Andrews


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